Can your test equipment keep up?

Semiconductors are a fundamental building block of modern life, enabling spectacular gains in productivity, information sharing, safety, health and efficiency.

As their importance grows, the challenges you face grow as well.  Your market demands greater functionality within a single package, often requiring electrical, mechanical, and/or optical multimodal integration. Packaging needs to decrease in size increasing the complexity of both design and production.  And as the technology permeates virtually every aspect of daily life, extended testing to insure reliable performance in harsh environments is a necessity.  In today’s rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape, the path to success is clear.

The Probe System for Life (PS4L) family of probing and inspection systems embodies SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture. Unlike traditional probe systems, all foundation modules are interchangeable, making the PS4L the consummate solution for many different applications and budgets. This unique modular design enables customers to acquire test capabilities that precisely match their requirements. More important, as the environment or test conditions change, the PS4L can easily be field-upgraded to meet these new demands. With this design philosophy, PS4L customers realize substantial time and cost savings over traditional probe systems when wafer size, levels of automation, or test requirements change.

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