Device Characterization

Device Characterization is performed on all semiconductor chips. Initial designs need to be characterized to determine if the device performed as designed and there are numerous tests performed. Some measurements are easy to make and others push the envelope for the probe system, accessories and test instrumentation. Some devices are difficult to see, contact and measure. As device geometries continue to shrink, it is getting more difficult to meet the requirements –optically and electrically.

Probe systems used for device characterization need to be flexible as several different types of measurements have to be made – DC, IV/CV, Capacitance, HF, 1/f, temperature and more. The probe system needs to interface to many types of instrumentation, so the software has to be modular and easy to interface to. SemiProbe’s PILOT™ software provides full communication with Agilent's B1500, Keithley’s 4200 and several other test systems. SemiProbe can supply you with a cost effective system to meet most applications and provide new modules to adapt to your future requirements.