Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis (FA) plays a crucial role in the production of semiconductors. It provides usable process and design feedback on the root cause of any failures. Time to data for the FA Engineer is critical and SemiProbe's Probe System for Life ® (PS4L) is an ideal tool for this application. All key components are interchangeable making it easy to change from evaluating individual die, wafers and packaged parts. A lot of FA work is done on packaged parts. SemiProbe has developed unique thermal stages, packaged part holders and manipulators to facilitate the testing. Our optics, CCTV systems and frame grabbers provide easy documentation. Our family of manipulators, probe arms and bases allow the FA engineer to probe anything from bond pads to sub-micron features. When integrated with Emission and Thermal Microscope Systems, our probers provide stable reliable support systems.