Known Good Die

More chips are being used in expensive ceramic-based multichip modules (MCMs), flip chip, and other 3D packaging schemes. Customers are requiring fully tested die prior to package placement as the cost to replace the entire package/module because of a faulty single die has a direct impact on the bottom line. SemiProbe’s unique AutoMap © system scans die position, generates a wafer map, and probes at high speed - testing singulated die on stretch frame or single die in a waffle pack at a cost comparable to traditional wafer level test. Many SemiProbe customers have found they can sell their product at a premium if they have tested KGD with the Probe System for Life ® (PS4L). Popular applications include flip chip components, wafer level packaging, multi-chip module (MCM), system in a package (SoP), through- silicon vias (TSV), 3D packaging and system on a chip (SoC).