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SemiProbe designs and manufactures manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic probing solutions to help you solve your most difficult test challenges quickly, accurately and at lower cost.

Semiconductor test requirements are changing – quickly. Test groups are continually confronted with new device types, new materials and new geometries. Today’s tests run at higher voltage, power and frequency and lower noise. Optical devices require double sided probing, MEMs devices require test under vacuum and most devices require wider temperature ranges – all while development schedules demand faster time to data and lower cost of test.

Probe systems with fixed architectures, limited configurability, restricted wafer access space and limited instrumentation placement can’t keep up with today’s test environment. Probe systems that are difficult and expensive to upgrade and reconfigure cause higher cost of test and strand valuable capital expense funds.

We have a better solution – Adaptive Architecture Probe Systems. SemiProbe’s Probe System for Life (PS4L) series of probe solutions are based on its patented Adaptive Architecture technology. Unlike traditional systems, Adaptive Architecture foundation modules are interchangeable, reconfigurable and field upgradable. The platen surface is large to accommodate multiple probe types, environmental chambers and instrumentation. SemiProbe systems are quick to set up, easy to operate and deliver test data faster and at lower cost. This unique modular platform enables you to acquire test capabilities that precisely match your requirements today. As the environment or test conditions inevitably change, SemiProbe systems can be transformed rapidly at your site to meet these new demands. With this design philosophy, SemiProbe users realize substantial test time and cost savings over traditional probe systems when wafer size, parameters, levels of automation, or test requirements change.

Our commitment to you is to empower you with the latest technology you need to help lower the cost of acquisition and test while speeding your time to market.