Mini-PS4L Probe Systems

Model Number
Kits Starting at
Manualm1-PS4L-2 (50 mm)$6,000Fixed Stage
Manualm1-PS4L-3 (75 mm)$6,175Fixed Stage
Manualm1-PS4L-4 (100 mm)$6,215Fixed Stage
Manualm2-PS4L-2 (50 mm)$6,350Movable Stage - Post with lockable magnet
Manualm2-PS4L-3 (75 mm)$6,375Movable Stage - Post with lockable magnet
Manualm2-PS4L-4 (100 mm)$6,400Movable Stage - Post with lockable magnet
Manualm3-PS4L-2 (50 mm)$11,495Linear X,Y,Z Stage
Manualm3-PS4L-3 (75 mm)$11,545Linear X,Y,Z Stage
Manualm3-PS4L-4 (100 mm)$11,595Linear X,Y,Z Stage
Programmablem4-PS4L-2 (50 mm)$15,750Motorized/Programmable X,Y,Z Stage
Programmablem4-PS4L-3 (75 mm)$15,795Motorized/Programmable X,Y,Z Stage
Programmablem4-PS4L-4 (100 mm)$15,825Motorized/Programmable X,Y,Z Stage
Manual HFm5-PS4L-4 (100 mm)$8,000Movable Stage - Post with lockable magnet

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