SemiProbe Debuts Vector Network Analyzer Calibration Software

March 10, 2014

SPCal’s wizard-driven application eliminates errors, reduces measurement time and lowers the cost of test.

In the realm of high frequency measurement connectivity, calibrating Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) sensitivity, cabling configuration, and probe response are critical for accurate and repeatable results. Close proximity of the VNA to the device under test (DUT) makes it difficult to access the VNA panel controls without changing the measurement setup and cabling. SemiProbe has developed a new software application, SPCal, to simplify and automate probe system calibration setup and measurement.

SemiProbe’s SPCal is now available for all Probe System for Life (PS4L) manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic systems either as a stand alone capability or integrated with SemiProbe’s PILOT control software suite. SPCal’s wizard-driven design provides step-by-step setup procedures, reducing measurement time and eliminating errors.

When used with SemiProbe’s PILOT control software suite, SPCal can download preconfigured measurement files for automated calibration setup. Rapid calibrations can be integrated directly into the wafer measurement procedure with PILOT, utilizing on-wafer calibration features or external calibration substrates. SPCal integrated with PILOT delivers highly repeatable calibration with contact placement within 1 μm, maintaining a stable resistance between the substrate and the probe tip. This accuracy helps preserve the probe tips, enabling more touch-downs, minimizing operator error and reducing the cost of test.

SPCal is available now and supports most popular VNAs. SPCal can interface additional VNAs by using the application’s ADD VNA feature. SPCal performs S-Parameter measurements and can produce up to 4 different plots using PILOT’s Plotter application. Alternatively, SPCal can be customized by the user for a wide range of measurements.

SemiProbe’s PILOT software control suite comes standard with all PS4L semi or fully automatic systems. Manual systems can be upgraded to integrate this application.

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