SemiProbe Introduces PS4L Fully Automated Prober with FOUP Capability

April 18, 2014

PS4L 300 mm Fully Automatic Prober with FOUP Capability

PS4L 300 mm Fully Automatic Prober with FOUP Capability

SemiProbe has installed a fully automatic 300 mm probe system based on its patented Probe System for Life (PS4L) platform at a major new semiconductor fab in the US. The system will be primarily used for advanced device characterization.

The Fully Automatic probe system (FA-12) enables two (2) FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod) cassettes to be loaded by the user. Operating through SemiProbe’s PILOT control software, the autonomous system can download a project file or measurement protocol and automatically load the correct setup, wafer map, alignment routines, and proceed to test. The system can be operated in manual, semiautomatic and automatic modes. The advanced probe system integrates camera systems above, below, and parallel to the wafer to ensure accurate and reliable probe placement and high throughput.

The PS4L Adaptive Architecture enables the FOUP material handling units to serve multiple probe systems, significantly reducing test time and capital expense. Additional PS4L probe system modules can be added at a later date to increase capacity. Existing PS4L modules can be field upgraded and reconfigured to add temperature control, high frequency/RF test, additional probes, optical systems and other capabilities at any time.

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